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Skeet Shoot & Mounted Shooting – October 29






Date Coming Soon
Plan to bring Your Family —All Ages Are Welcome

Shooters under 18 must be with their parents.

¨ This Will Be A Fundraiser For Our Arena.

¨ Win CASH from Rounds. 

¨ Join us for a day of fun, fellowship and a shootin’ good time!

¨ Two Shooting Lanes to allow more shooting time!

¨ Officials from RUCC have final say in rules.

          —BRING A CHAIR—

Contact Information
Randy Barnes 469-744-8403  |  randallbarnes555@gmail.com
Larry Eastman  903-271-3430  |  Leastman@tempyours.net

Your Donations Are Appreciated

Round Um’ Up & Bring Um’ In… that’s our mission at Round Up.  We thank you for coming to this page and invite you to help us build God’s Kingdom through your kind donation, your tithes or offerings to Round Up.  If you want to be a part of Round Up building HIS’s Kingdom you can donate here.



Through our great leaders, and monthly church planning (where everyone is invited to attend) we make monthly plans to lighten hearts, build faith and encourage one another through ministries,  and events that bring families together.  We take every opportunity to round up our church family and friends with skeet shoots, mounted shooting, campfire round ups,  chuck wagon cobbler’s, Bible Studies, fellowships, potlucks, play days, muttin bustin,  team sorting, pinning, stick horse races and all kinds of ways we get together to talk about God.

Round Up truly believes “God blesses the gift and the giver.”  As we move forward no matter how fast or slow our funding comes….whether it’s one fund raising skeet shoot, garage sale, or one event at a time …or just plain old budgeting and managing as we receive our tithes….. Round Up will continue to grow and be blessed as we bring families together to worship.  Come join us.

May God bless you real good!
Thank you